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My family is not the best example to be used for a typical family. Not even close. In fact, we might actually be the poster children for dysfunctional, unusual and issue-laden all at once.

Three sisters raised by their grandmother after their mother was killed by a water demon and their father abandoned them. After their beloved Grams died, they discovered that they were witches. Not only did they find out that they were from a long line of family witches, they were informed that they are the fabled Charmed Ones and have been prophesized to be the greatest weapon against evil that the world has ever seen. They spent three years fighting for their lives against demons and so many other evil things, and then troubled happened and they were outed as witches. This led to the middle sister being shot and killed by a fanatic. The youngest sister stepped up to the sacrificial altar to undo all of this. It doesn't exactly work out like she was promised and her older sister was killed by a hit man demon instead.

The story gets even more convoluted and resembles a worse soap opera than before. I know how outrageous the story seems and I'm one of the ones that has lived through all of this.

After the oldest sister's funeral, the two surviving Charmed Ones were shocked to discover that they had a sister no one had bothered to tell them about. Their mother had apparently had a love affair with her Whitelighter and their baby was kept a big secret from everyone and put up for adoption...

I told you that we're not your typical family.

However, we are a family and we are very loyal to each other and protective of each other. Through the good and the bad, that's what family is all about.

Muse: Phoebe Halliwell
Fandom: Charmed
Words: 308
Disclaimer: I am not Phoebe Halliwell, nor am I Alyssa Milano. This is just for fun.
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I didn't really know much about my dad when I was younger. All I remembered was that one day he was there... and then he wasn't. It was hard because I was really little when mom died and then dad left us, too.

Grams wouldn't talk much about him except to say that he wasn't worthy of us and that we deserved better than him. Piper was quiet about it, but Prue hated him. I think she was hurt the worst by him leaving because she was the one of us who was old enough to remember more things about him.

As I grew older, I would fantasize about meeting up with our dad and how he would explain that everything that happened was just a big mistake and some kind of monster had made him leave to protect us. When I graduated high school, I started actively searching for him. Shortly before Grams died, I found out that he was somewhere in New York. So, after Prue and I fought one time too many and her accusations hurt to deeply, I decided to run away to New York and find my dad. He and I were both outcasts in the family so we'd be fine together.

Only, I didn't find him and things got bad for me. I had to return to San Francisco and my sisters because I had nowhere else to go.

My search for my dad got put on hold because my sisters and I discovered we were actually powerful witches and there really were monsters out there that sought to hurt us.

Then came the day where he showed up in San Francisco and wanted to reunite with us and wanted us to be a family. Only things didn't go well. There was a misunderstanding and I had a vision of him taking the book of shadows from us. We got that mess straightened out and then ended up doing a spell to save ourselves that almost killed him.

I thought that things were going to be okay after that. He said he wanted to get to know us better and be a part of our lives. All of us were willing to give him a chance. We made a date for all of us to get together as a family.

He never showed up.

Muse: Phoebe Halliwell
Fandom: Charmed
Words: 390
Disclaimer: I am not Phoebe Halliwell, nor am I Alyssa Milano. This is just for fun.


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